#RelationshipGoals — #What’s in a Name? 2

Vivi and Hero find a small time to themselves as she’s sitting onteh window ledge, on leg dangling against the wall, swinging above the sidewalk. She raises her eyebrow and tilts her head. “What’s up, oh mighty hero?” she winks.

“I just… wanted to thank you,” he smiles weakly.  “About dinner earlier… I, uh, um –”

She only smiles brighter. “No worries,” she holds her hand up. “It’s none of their business. I’ll make up some BS and let you know the details later. Hell, I haven’t even told Alexis who you really are. Then again, he probably won’t understand.”

“Your boyfriend’s…”

“Epic? Special? Amazingly spifftastic?”

“Yeah. Sure, all that,” he knows better than to say anything else. Regardless the two are adorably awkward together. Of course, he’d never admit it aloud.

“Besides, you broke my ribs.” He takes her hand and squeezes it.

“Sorry about that–”

“You saved my life, hero,” she looked into his eyes. “A few broken ribs is nothing.”

“Vi… you saved me,” he attempts again.

“Not when I telll iittttt~” she sings at him. She squeezes his hand again. “Now, git. I’m trying to find out who’s his girlfriend! If he catches me…”

Hero chuckles and wonders if her father ever knew what happened. He hopes not. He’d rather face off ten Vivi’s than a pissed off Igor. He shivers as he slides next to Roxanne and buries his face in her neck. Maybe if he uses Roxy as a shield…


#RelationshipGoals — #Hope

Vivi watches her father from afar, shivering from the cold rain. It’s been a few years since she had been taken away. She would sneak out to find him, to watch him from afar. Every night, every day, every hour, minute, second, he leaves her window open. She wonders why. Why not close it? Why not move away?

He’s sitting alone with a single candle before him. She knows he’s miserable, that he’s grieving for the time lost. It’s almost as if he’s lost his spark, his shine. There’s a dark fog about him.

There were moments when she wonders if he even bothered looking for her. She understands if he didn’t — her mother is cruel as she is pretty. Crueler, perhaps. Vivi wants to fly into his arms and cry, to let him know she wants to come back. But she dares not.

So, she watches from afar, whether in rain or shine. She pretends that she’s in there with him, baking sweets or he’s outside next to her, telling her about the constellations. Sometimes, he even makes it up. Stories to amuse her, to give her a sense of wonderment. She looks up at the dark, black clouds, the moon hidden behind their opaque veil.

Tonight the stars are gone. But she knows they are there. She knows they are. And they’re shining even brighter than before. The rain is soaking through her skin and she begins to shiver, but refuses to leave her father alone. But in the end, she couldn’t defeat the pelting, heavy rain.

A pair of strong arms pick her arm, their body warm. “Silly thing,” her half brother sighs. The last thing she hears, “You should go through the window.”

It wouldn’t be until she was older she understood the open window. But, by then, she no longer needed it.

Kendal the Unicorn #26

The moment when you sign the check, only you’ve been too lost in your head about a historical figure and instead of your name… you sign:

Elizabeth Bathory

And then you and the waiter go into fanboy/girl and discuss Deadly Women and how freaking scary women. Because face it, Kendal’d rather go against Hannibal Lecter than HannahBelle Lector.

#RelationshipGoals – #FirstTime

She hovered in front of the gasping boy, bending forward as he saw him struggle for breath. he had tripped over a pile of stones, rain soaking both of them. The droplets pelted through the dark, heavy clouds. Instead of leaving him there, or taking away the book he had been protecting, she held out a hand.

The movement surprised the both of them, but she wouldn’t take it back. “Let me help you up,” her voice gentle, the mask protecting her identity. The most anyone would know was that she was a child.

He carefully took her hand, as she hauled him to his feet, never once touching the ground. “You’re different,” he commented, tilting his head. “You’re not like the other villains.”


“Don’t lie,”  his eyes pierce right into her. So, she keeps shut. “The least you could do is own up to it. No one believes who you say you are at first.” He kept the book under his shirt. “Bye, Vi-vi.” A smirk and he turned on heel.

A momentary anger and she lunged to yank him back, only, she catches a quick glimpse of the tag on his shirt. She quickly released as he sent her a darken glare. Clearly, he didn’t like being manhandled. As the kid ran, she remained under the rain, floating in the air, a slight smile on her face.

Al…ex… was an i? No, a u. us. Alexus.

What a ridiclous name. Alexus.

She would never be with someone with such a silly name.

Kendal the Unicorn #… #

“It’s a thought, ” the Particular Someone said. “I mean, you’ve been forgetting to write.”

“Not forgetting, “Kendal corrects. “Busy. Can’t always write.”

“Is that why you wrote a sentence where the tip should be?”

“Wait- wha? Damnit!” Kendal facepalms looking down at her receipt.

O Muse sing me a story of where Sirens sleep and krackens play.

Kendal the Unicorn #23

That particular moment when you’re sitting down in front of the keyboard, ready to type something amazingly epic (because everything Kendal types out is epic), your bottle of water all nice and cold, your strange Korean nibbles off to the side. The lights are low, your screen is at a comfortable dimness (which is strange because it tends to irritate them regardless because your eyes are apparently sensitive to light), your chubby puppy is snoring at your toes.

And then it hits. That moment. That moment which changes everything.

It’s not that screens are dim. Your damn laptop died.