Medusa II

Alone she remained, her owl flown away.
Her voice her only company…
Shadows play on the broken walls,
And with her scaly hands, formed words of her own.
The knowledge she found, locked in her mind.
Her hands held the ancient bow,
Arrow tips made from forgotten stone.
She waits alone, for the gods to turn their gaze.
A man entered her home, a warrior,
Invaded her land.
He wanted her head, his sword raised high above,
She only opened her eyes, and the dare began.
He looked and could only scream, his voice in the walls.
The warrior fell, his sword turned to stone.
Then a hero came, intent on cutting off her head.
He charged his spear through her skin,
She only opened her eyes, the glare set deep,
It hides a lonely secret inside.
Another fell, then a third and a forth.
They all came, for her head.
She would not lay down her bow, and struck each one.
Alone, she sits on the throne.
Ivory, the color of her clothes.
Warm, the flames burn cold.
Many more came, and many more died,
She could still hear their cries,
To cut her head.
Her eyes turned their spears and swords to stone.
Her eyes, they saw within, a lonely secret.
“Come, now, to my home,” she cried.
“Come and try to claim my head if you can.”
Whenever someone came,
She opened her eyes, and her throne rose higher.
But some left, to spread the tale.
There, in a faraway place, lives a monstrous beast.
Her gaze is deadly, they say. Don’t look in into those eyes,
For you will die.
A woman has traveled many miles,
Through the forest and glens,
She walked over the vast Nile,
And rode across the Styx,
To see the snake, with those eyes.
She enters the temple, a question lingers deep inside
And there she sees, a young woman sitting on a throne,
And it’s made entirely of bone…
“Hush now,” the gorgon speak. “No need to hide.
All these bones have long lost their lives.”
She holds her hand out, beckoning the frightened woman.
Her eyes are hidden behind a silky ribbon.
A bow rests at her side, a quiver on her lap.
The woman bows her head, and before she speaks,
The snake opens her eyes …

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