Millias’s The Order of Release I

  1. The Wife’s Speech

Hush now, dear groom, hush.
It’s time to rest and heal, not rush.
No, no, my darling,
You won’t go back, don’t linger.
Not in this place, not here,
Don’t ask, you don’t want to know, my dear.
You are free, that is all.
It’s time to go, not answer your chief’s call,
Go rest in our bed.
Come now, and sleep like the dead.
We have waited long enough,
you’ve proven you’re tough.
Please, just close your eyes and rest,
you’ve passed your torturer’s test.
Many moons and nights have past,
and the days have too long last.
Come home, come home.
Please, my dear, leave this war behind.
Hide your pain against my shoulder,
and do not let your tears turn you colder.
Do not ask about my shoes,
do not ask our child too.
Let him believe in a world of wonder,
for you and I both know, it’s a world of thunder.
We have all missed you so.
And we must flee and go.
Hush now, dear groom, hush.
You are not the last, nor the first.
You will heal and grow,
and soon return to farm and sow.
It won’t end for you, I know.
Think of the days yet to come,
and that you are home unlike some.
Through the shadows and hidden faces,
no longer dwell your mind in darkened places.
No need for fancy words,
no want of dreams or songs of ancients gone.
No, my love, rest your head and sleep.
Just hold my hand, and let me lead you home.

This poem is based of Millais’s “The Order of Release”. I think the female model is Effie Gray.  The poem is also broken up into parts.


One thought on “Millias’s The Order of Release I

  1. Amazing! Its actսally noteworthy part ߋf writing,I haνe got a great deal clеaг mind ɑbout from thiѕ paragraph.


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