Waterhouse’s La Dame Belle Sans Merci

La Dame Belle Sans Merci
The purple silk pools around feathered feet.
Her empty gaze laced with Medusa’s eyes,
lures and captures the knights that dare meet
and never once notices the tendrils of hair.
Around the knight’s neck it ties,
those empty eyes who does not care,
as his life slowly ticks away.
A heart, she has not.
Mercy, she cannot give.
Heartless they have written,
merciless they have called her.
Their gazes have stayed on his dying moment,
but never once strayed to see her pain.
For what else could they have gained,
had she ever been given a scream,
that could be heard for all eternity.

This poem is based off of Waterhouse’s painting “La Dame Belle sans Merci”. The painting was based off of Keats’ poem.


Let me know what you think!

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