A Response to Homer’s Odyssey

“Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story”
— Homer

Whenever I read the Odyssey (a very, very, very rare occasion), I always feel for Penelope and what she’s forced to go through. This probably marks me as a Penny fan, but so be it. She totally rocks… except for how loyal Homer makes her. Seriously, she waits like twenty years for her hubby to come back, all the while evading her suitors’ hands in marriage while trying to keep the kingdom from crumbling… while he’s sleeping around. (Oh, I so feel for him… not). And I know, I know, this was written way back when and not now and life was different back them as well as the double standards. That’s beside the point (well, probably lessens my point, hence, I’m going to ignore that bit). I’m just saying, from my own opinion, Penny should’ve gotten together with someone else. Or you know, maybe she just remains a Queen and has no King. If the Amazons could do it… just saying. That doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy the Odyssey. It just means I really, really, really really don’t feel bad for Ulysses. (If you haven’t read it… Spoiler Alert –>)And then after twenty years, he comes home in disguise to make sure his wife had been loyal to him?! I can’t stand the ending, it’s way too convenient and ending. He kills all the suitors and then Athena (pretty sure it was Athena) comes down and makes it all better again. UGH! Then again, it’s probably because the epic is so long (for me) that I find the need to nitpick to make it through. Still, I’d highly recommend it. Along with Dante’s Inferno and Ovid’s Metamorphoses. And the movie doesn’t do the epic justice. But it’s still a nice watch. Just don’t nitpick.


Let me know what you think!

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