Lady Winter’s Winter

The snow lingers on her frozen fingertips.
Frostbite kisses rest upon her cold, icy lips.
The world is covered by white silence.
Families curled at their warm fires,
smells of sweet cocoa dancing in the air,
but beyond their iced window lies a winter beauty.
A special beauty nurtured with a soft icy touch.
The trees no longer breathe; the grass no longer grows.
The sky is dark and the stars diamond twinkle beyond their shadows,
the moon glows ever so softly, the air nips at peeking toes.
And the world is sleeping silently, silently, silently,
until once again, she calls upon the warmth of the sun,
that awakens the breath of the trees,
the growth of the grass and the sky from its darkened slumber,.
Lady Winter whispers ice and snow upon the land,
but only to nurse the tired, old land.
Until she beckons Spring once more.

Let me know what you think!

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