Webbed Glass

Webbed Glass

It’s hard to see through the webbed glass.
But images leak through the spidered cracks.
In forms of soundless words, the outside becomes real.
Whispers dance in my ear
Telling tales of sweeping dragons,
and their unfortunate meal.
Of valiant knights who ride upon noble steeds.
Fiery red roars shakes the glassy web,
images are moving shadows – flying colors
breathing chaos wherever they drift.
Travelers searching for adventures yet to be done.
So foreign, so strange,
beyond my window pane.
A distorted face peers through– blurry from
the icy web.
Soft whispers slip through the cracks and
tempts my ears.
Images and promises appear of the world I
do not know.
A world so different from the one leaked through.
Within this tower I shall stay,
trapped within this silken cage,
until the day that face appears and
tells me how to break my webbed glass.


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