They Say

They say I’m pretty. I’m ugly, something in between.

They say, I’m smart, I’m dumb.

They say I’m naive, jaded, unsure.

They say I’m tall, I’m short, I’m wide, I’m lean.

They say I’m a dreamer, I’m a realist.

They say, I don’t know anything, everything, something.

They say, have a pretty name, a funny name, exchange it out for horrible nicknames.

They say, dress nicely, professionally, like a snob, like a slacker.

They say, have no sense – common sense, fashion sense, what sense?

They say, have to be one thing, can’t be something else.

They say, keep your hair long, cut it short, change your eyes, keep your eyes.

They say I’ll be a someone, a no one, a one.

They say I’ll go far, I’ll stop short, I’ll take a pit stop.

They say my head’s too  high in the clouds, to low in the ground, that I’m barely balancing.

They say I should follow my dreams, focus on reality.

They say, “you’re okay, you’re not okay.”

They say I’ll crash, I’ll burn, I’ll fly, I’ll survive.

I’ll wish, I’ll dream, I’ll have nightmares, I won’t ever sleep.’

I’ll be strong, I’ll be weak. I’ll see the world, I won’t go at all.

I’ll move forward, I’ll take a few steps back. I’ll see the sun rise, I’ll see the sun set.

I should do this, I should do that. I shouldn’t do anything, I should do everything.

They say, keep quiet, speak up, talk about important issues, don’t say anything about important issues.

They keep saying, talking, demanding, advising, instructing, expecting.

One asks, “What do you say?”

Nothing. Everything’s already been said.


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