Kendal the Unicorn #9

Today, someone told Kendal that they were too short.

So, Kendal pointed down at their shadows, “You sure?”

Kendal had a long shadow, someone did not.


#RelationshipGoals — Pretty Soup

She’s busily writing down some recipies for next week’s dinners. Her eyes skim over the various websites, even hovering over nerd inspired food. He can see she’s in a Lord of the Rings sort of mood. Still, he settles behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist, his face resting against the crook of her neck.

Go to bed,” she says distractedly. “You’ve been up for two days. You need sleep.”

Don’t wanna,” he mumbles like the child he is. He nuzzles her. “Comfy.”

Alright then,” she shrugs and ignores him fo the better part of thirty minutes. He cracks his eyes open to see her watching a video. Soup. He notices the comments about the hostess, the chef but he sighs exahustily as the soup appears on screen. “My woman is prettier.”

I’m prettier than soup? — wait, what?!” she turns around, knocking him to the ground, “Did you just say–”

He’s fast asleep on the floor. She closes her eyes and sighs with frustration. “Idiot,” she growls and turns around. She’ll never admit she was blushing then.

#RelationshipGoals — NO Exceptions!

She’s not smart. Not as smart as Lexi and certainly struggled to maintain her excellent grades in civilian school.

He’s dumb about people. Never really achieved the necessary social skills.

She’s great with people, can read them as one reads a book. She likes to cosplay as characters from video games and manga/anime.

He’s good with other stuff – like math, science, drawing. His favorite is animation, because then he can apply them all.

She prefers a smart man over a strong one. A super human over a civilian.

He prefers to be alone. People are too annoying.

Yet, his smartness compliments her own.

Her people skills compliments his own.

She decides he’s an exception to her rule.

He decides she’s his rule.

You were never the exception,” he whispers in her ear as she sleeps.


#RelationshipGoals — #[un]EvilCoffee

He knows. It didn’t take a genius to figure out it. After all, she’s not subtle. Not… about this, anyway. Her excuses are lame and really, she doesn’t bother to change her hand writing.

Listen Zero Hero!

You make Superman look cool! You make Batman look like a fool! DC sucks and Marvel rules! And by the way, you have no more pairs… of socks! ‘cause you really suck!

With Love, as Always – MEEEEEEEE. A Super Villain.

He knows that handwriting even if he becomes a blind man. One just doesn’t forget the way she dips her pen, how she merges the cursive and print. He kneels before the TV, watching the note on display and gently places his fingertips upon the screen. He’s jealous. Really. Jealous. It’s a feeling he’s unaccustomed too. He’s not too sure he likes it.

Oh well.

His eyes flicker to the clock. He better put the coffee on.


So, I’ve completely decided to write my own intro post — thanks WordPress, but I think I go it. 🙂 This is the place where I will be uploading my works — poems, mostly. As my tag lines says, I highly appreciate comments and criticisms about my stuff. No, seriously, it’s how I learn to improve. If you think something’s been overstated, understated, over done, cliched, etc, just let me know. However, I ask, just don’t say something stinks and not give me a reason why. Please? (I’ll respond to your questions!)

On to me then. I’m just another faceless writer in the mini world known as the blogsphere and the slightly bigger world of the internet. And… that’s all I’m gonna say on that for now.

Until I post again,