Awkward Update

Yup, ’cause it’s awkward and probably gonna be a bit long. I have a lot to say, but way too lazy to write it all out.

  1. KENDAL HAS TWITTER! Yes, yes, it’s all true. Kendal the Unicorn has recently gotten a twitter feed — that no one asked for! I figured with all the spam I’ve been getting… well, you know. It’s spam. Luckily not that horrid meat in a can, because that’s just. Well. You know.
  2. I know I’ve been posting misses with #RelationshipGoals but I’m currently working out how I want to proceed with this. I might also post character snippets which should be available soon on the menu. This also goes for “Kendal the Unicorn.”
  3. Bette Davis is awesome times infinity.
  4. If you ever want to complain about what I write (or vent or whine, or anything really), feel free too. I always appreciate criticism. And yes, I know sometimes my grammar is off (not extremely, but I see the spelling mistakes too). So do call me out.
  5. It’s bloggyunicorn. The twitter thing. Now, gotta figure out how to use it.


So, I’ve completely decided to write my own intro post — thanks WordPress, but I think I go it. 🙂 This is the place where I will be uploading my works — poems, mostly. As my tag lines says, I highly appreciate comments and criticisms about my stuff. No, seriously, it’s how I learn to improve. If you think something’s been overstated, understated, over done, cliched, etc, just let me know. However, I ask, just don’t say something stinks and not give me a reason why. Please? (I’ll respond to your questions!)

On to me then. I’m just another faceless writer in the mini world known as the blogsphere and the slightly bigger world of the internet. And… that’s all I’m gonna say on that for now.

Until I post again,