We’ll Meet Again

In the end, it’s red we bleed.

Tears we cry, and songs left unsung.

We weep not for the lives saved, but those lost.

We reach our hands up into the air,

as if to catch the fleeting moments left undone,

the words yet to be uttered,

and jokes yet to be shared.

We recall the last words,

words we would like to change.

Instead of ‘good-bye’, ‘stay.’

“Come back, don’t go!”

“No!” You’ll only meet your end.

The page is not yet finished,

the story still mostly blank.

And yet, there you fade,

letting of my hand.

Walking further and further behind.

And all we can see is the stone with your name.

So we weep our tears and cry our words.

We walk further and further into the places you once were.

Because we will meet again, whether in this life or another.



It flies, it sings, it dances.
It twirls, it flips, it bends.
It lays, it stands, it jumps.
She smiles in the reflection,
The reflection looks away.
It knows, it sees, it watches.
The smile so bright it shines – glows.
But oh, how the reflection knows.


The crystal petal stretches to the blue sky.

Crinkling and cracking sound beneath soled boots.

A warm hand pressed tenderly against the icy trunk,

flakes of bark frozen, fast sleep.

Tender memories of a family long ago, craved into the very same bark.

The family that grew from a single glance,

Words left unsaid, a moment missed,

remembered by those crystal petals.

He guards this tree of forgottenness, left to the ravages of modernity.

Each petal holds a memory — forgotten, lost, remembered, repressed —

of someone once beneath its creaking branches.

And he’ll keep them forever in bloom, for at least, he’ll always remember the love he had lost.

Ancient Walls

Though still standing tall,

these ancient walls,

Forgotten spirits and ghosts still roam these halls.

Silent scream go unanswered, unheeded calls.

New faces enter each day, only to disappear as the sun nightly fades,

leaving ancient walls as distant memories, and history as past.


It's enough. 

no really, it is.

Every day,

every hour,

Every minute,

every second.

It's maddening!


Crazy, insane -- predictable!

It's the hatter's mercury!

The machine's routine!

Tell me nothing.

Show me nothing.

Speak nothing.

Hear nothing!

Give me that grin,

in which the cat smiles.

It's enough! Enough!

Don't make a sound, 

don't alarm, don't tick or tock.


Sweet Siren

Tell me, Sweet Siren, song of the sea.

who was it you saw when looking at me?

A long lost love? A drowned soul deep down?

Perhaps a sailor who once explored your seas?

Or maybe a forgotten jewel that once laid upon your pebbled crown?

Moon and Stars

Even if the clouds shroud their light,

I shall always have them within my sight.

Even if the sun should rise and paint the sky blue,

For even if you shall forget where I lay,

I shall always have my moon and stars.