#RelationshipGoals — Ghost Busted

Vivi blinked. And then blinked again. A third, a fourth time. She opened her mouth, held up a finger but then shook her head and turned around. This. Was. Not. Happening. She stopped mid step, spun and walked down the halls. She narrowed her eyes as Alexis still looked serious. She stood before him, a finger pointed at his chest.

“My boyfriend does not believe in ghosts!”

“I do,” he shrugged.


“Superheroes, Supervillains. People with powers,” he shrugged again. “If we have–”

“But that’s normal!”

“It’s not,” Alexis placed his hands on her shoulders and sighed. “Vi, I believe in ghosts.”

“This is a dealbreaker,” she threw her hands in the air and stomped down the hall, yanking open the door.

“We’re still on for pizza, right?”

“Six!” she didn’t bother turning around and slammed the door behind her.

“Love you?”

“Love you more!” came Vivi’s muffled voice. “Ghost? Bloody hell!”

Who knew? Vivi was a afraid of ghosts. Halloween was probably hell on her, Alexis tilted his head. Huh.


Kendal the Unicorn — SPAM, Not Ham

Kendal the Unicorn would like to alert Vivian and Alexis that there is a lot of spam comments on their oblivious date. She also would like to tell the awkward couple to actually start acting like an actual couple. She also asks them to stop beinng asses. They know she’s not talking about Spam in a Can. Assholes.

#RelationshipGoals — Battles

She stands on top of the clock tower, a malicious smile on her lips as her mask shields her upper face. In her fingers is a bag of precious jewels. She has no claim to them, no right, no need. She stands there and laughs at everyone below her. She reminds them, despite her games and jokes, she is no hero. It’s a lesson they learn well as she forces the hero to choose between catching her or the small child that’s falling. She leaps in a graceful arc and flies away into the moon. The hero will not follow, would not dare sacrifice a child.

She flings herself high up and still smiles at the expected result. The hero is more heroic for catching the child. She more villainous. She sits, hidden by the shadows of the tall buildings, and watches as the crowd cheers. Yes, there’s a reason why she does this. She knows they’ll catch the innocent every time. Vivian takes off her mask and unfolds her legs as she lowers herself to the flat building rooftop. She yanks off the wig, revealing her brightly colored hair.

She wonders about the day when the hero decides sacrificing a child is worth the risk of attempting to catch her. Any villain. She sighs softly and walks to the edge, her arms resting on the railing as she peers over. At least, it wasn’t today. Today, she knew the child would be easily saved. Vivian sighs once more and looks toward the fire escape. She had less than an hour to get back to base. The bag feels too heavy in her hands. With the jewels she never really needed to snatch. But it was easier to do take a couple of things than anything else.

She wonders if her Hero would ever do that. She wonders what her next battle will be.

Mostly she battles heroes and Alexis’s spiders. Some days, however, she battles herself. And it’s always a losing battle.

#RelationshipGoals — But He Already Knows

Alexis knew she kept things from him, he kept things from her. He didn’t want her to tell him all her secrets. Some things were private. He totally understood. But, in the beginning, he thought it was strange how awkward and random her schedule was. The late nights, early mornings, the sporatic days off. Never had it crossed his mind the possibility of cheating. Lying, yes, but not cheating. Never cheating. She had been careful not leaving any clues, but it had been the calling cards which gave her away.

It was how he figured out. The way she wrote, the curves of her abc’s, the little fancy tails of her ‘y’s. The slightly smudged way she wrote with fancy ink. The kind you had to wait for to dry with. It had been on the news, the way she wrote… it made him chuckle. He probably should feel pissed she never told him – he’d have every right. But when he looked into her eyes and sometimes saw that small hint of sadness, or when she opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it. The way she would suddenly change topics when it came to the latest jewel stolen… it wasn’t obvious.

But Alexis doesn’t push or pry. He decided to wait until she tells him. For now, he’s enjoying the fact she doesn’t know. And later, when she finally admits it (if she ever does), Alexis decided to take full on advantage. There was this stuffed Pikachu he wanted…

#Relationshipgoals — She Hasn’t Told Yet

Vivian was just happy holding his hand as they strolled down the sidewalk, a peaceful bubble among the hurried bodies of people going and leaving. Their steps were relaxed, casual, happy. She would twist and twirl, pull him alongside her if he was too slow, his steps too big. He would never show any outward affection, no in public, not a kiss, and only a half hug. But… she didn’t mind.

Her eyes closed as they walked, a large smile on her face. No doubt he was looking at her, confused and curious. She knew their relationship wasn’t conventional, even if he didn’t. He had no idea who she really was. That she was a villain, that she stole things, broke things. That she wasn’t the simple… whatever she told him.

Most days, it ate at her. That she couldn’t say. And while she could claim it was for his safety… the reality was she didn’t want to see look in his eyes change. She didn’t want him to stop loving her. Didn’t want him to stop holding her hand. In moments like these, she could forget what she didn’t tell him. Fully lose herself. The moments after, however, left her guilt-ridden.

She rested her head against his arm, pulling him closer. Tomorrow, she told herself. Tomorrow she’d tell him. Tell him everything.

#RelationshipGoals — #What’s in a Name? 2

Vivi and Hero find a small time to themselves as she’s sitting on the window ledge, one leg dangling against the wall, swinging above the sidewalk. She raises her eyebrow and tilts her head. “What’s up, oh mighty hero?” she winks.

“I just… wanted to thank you,” he smiles weakly.  “About dinner earlier… I, uh, um –”

She only smiles brighter. “No worries,” she holds her hand up. “It’s none of their business. I’ll make up some BS and let you know the details later. Hell, I haven’t even told Alexis who you really are. Then again, he probably won’t understand.”

“Your boyfriend’s…”

“Epic? Special? Amazingly spifftastic?”

“Yeah. Sure, all that,” he knows better than to say anything else. Regardless the two are adorably awkward together. Of course, he’d never admit it aloud.

“Besides, you broke my ribs.” He takes her hand and squeezes it.

“Sorry about that–”

“You saved my life, hero,” she looked into his eyes. “A few broken ribs is nothing.”

“Vi… you saved me,” he attempts again.

“Not when I telll iittttt~” she sings at him. She squeezes his hand again. “Now, git. I’m trying to find out who’s his girlfriend! If he catches me…”

Hero chuckles and wonders if her father ever knew what happened. He hopes not. He’d rather face off ten Vivi’s than a pissed off Igor. He shivers as he slides next to Roxanne and buries his face in her neck. Maybe if he uses Roxy as a shield…

#RelationshipGoals — #Hope

Vivi watches her father from afar, shivering from the cold rain. It’s been a few years since she had been taken away. She would sneak out to find him, to watch him from afar. Every night, every day, every hour, minute, second, he leaves her window open. She wonders why. Why not close it? Why not move away?

He’s sitting alone with a single candle before him. She knows he’s miserable, that he’s grieving for the time lost. It’s almost as if he’s lost his spark, his shine. There’s a dark fog about him.

There were moments when she wonders if he even bothered looking for her. She understands if he didn’t — her mother is cruel as she is pretty. Crueler, perhaps. Vivi wants to fly into his arms and cry, to let him know she wants to come back. But she dares not.

So, she watches from afar, whether in rain or shine. She pretends that she’s in there with him, baking sweets or he’s outside next to her, telling her about the constellations. Sometimes, he even makes it up. Stories to amuse her, to give her a sense of wonderment. She looks up at the dark, black clouds, the moon hidden behind their opaque veil.

Tonight the stars are gone. But she knows they are there. She knows they are. And they’re shining even brighter than before. The rain is soaking through her skin and she begins to shiver, but refuses to leave her father alone. But in the end, she couldn’t defeat the pelting, heavy rain.

A pair of strong arms pick her arm, their body warm. “Silly thing,” her half brother sighs. The last thing she hears, “You should go through the window.”

It wouldn’t be until she was older she understood the open window. But, by then, she no longer needed it.