Kendal the Unicorn #6

Kendal the Unicorn was reading #RelationshipGoals and sighed. It was so boring.

“Well,” Vivian replied, crossing her arms. “You’re not seeing what I’m seeing.”

Touche, Vivian, touche.


#RelationshipGoals — The Last Oreo

Why’d you do that?” he asks her for the hundred time in the span of thirty seconds.

Do what?” she snarls once more. At this point, she’s utterly regretting it. In fact, she has a half a mind to break up with him. She just might at this point.

Why’d you eat my last oreo?”

“Because I am a villain.”

“That’s no excuse!”

#RelationshipGoals – Xiao Ping Guo

He has his quirks. One of them is this overly listened to song. He can’t help but jam to it. And while he’ll never admit, Alexis knows the entire dance. In fact, he’s done it in the privacy of his own bathroom. He knows the words although he knows much of his tones are wrong. Still, he enjoys dancing to it.

Unfortunately, Vivi knows it too. And if she knew he knew the dance… he’d never get a moments peace.

Perhaps that’s why he’s renamed it “Bach – Concerto”. Vivi can’t stand classical music.

Edit: here’s the link:

#RelationshipGoals — Lemony

See! I told you. Jack Lemon looks amazing in drag!” she waves her pointed finger at the screen, her foot perched superiorly upon their low coffee table. “And even he can get a rich dude!”

Alexis shrugs. He’s used to her outbursts. “If you say so,” he decides not to get her even more riled up. He only reaches out for a chip.

Her eyes squint but she plop back down the on couch. “If you say so,” she mimics under her breath. “I’ll remember this the next time we watch Penny Dreadful.”

“One of them wears a dress?”

“… no…”

“You want it to be Ethan, don’t you?”

#RelationshipGoals — Mother of Dragons

Vivian always enjoyed hanging out in Chinatown, especially during the New Year. The festival that took place was always lively and brought a smile to her face. The dragons were always her favorite. In fact, she was planning on owning one this year. Maybe three. She had joked earlier about becoming the Mother of Dragons. Paper dragons, but still, dragons.

This year, she had been supposed to share it with Alexis. He wasn’t the outdoorsy type. And she knew that he had issues with large crowds. Still, they could enjoy it from the rooftops and fire escapes. But he had called in and said he had to work later than usual. One of the people had gotten too sick and sent to the hospital. As the project was Alexis’s, he was in charge of keeping it on schedule. Of course, she understood.

So, it surprised her when her father stood at her apartment door, holding out some mooncakes. “I thought I could take my princess out,” he smiled, holding his arm out. She grinned brightly and latched onto him.

We haven’t done this since…” she pauses and looks down.

I know,” he grins and closes the door behind them as she tosses the treats onto the nearby chair. They’re walking down the hall. “At least we can do it now. When are you getting–?”

Daaaad,” she flicked her eyes around. “Not in public!”

Sweetie, I’m kidding,” in a tone that says he was enjoying this way too much. “I have some Monroe movies for you. Some Like it Hot and the rest.”

Anything… else?”

Haha, a whole lot of them,” he grins. “Don’t worry, I’ve willed them all to you upon my death.”

She sends him a glare but they both laugh as they hail a cab together. Yes, she thoroughly enjoys the New Year’s Festival.


Her father looks down at his phone and sighs as he packs the mooncakes. Alexis isn’t able to make it tonight. He’s too busy getting her robotic dragons finished. Three of them. That boy takes things too literally.

#RelationshipGoals — Bette Davis

She sits next to her father, leaning her head on his shoulder as they watch Bette Davis’s “All About Eve.” She loves the black and white movies of back then, how beautiful the actresses look. How their imperfections made them shine on screen. This movie is her favorite. She cuddles closer to him, their slippered feet resting on top of the coffee table, a huge bowl of gummy worms resting on their laps. Neither likes popcorn and nachos would be too messy.

She’s happy now. In this moment. This feeling of warm comfort and protective arms. He places a red worm on her nose, eliciting a giggle from her. She closes her eyes for a moment, safe and content.
Only, when she opens them again, it’s not her father, but Alexis. And instead of gummy worms, it’s Whoopers and Milk-duds. She blinks, frowning slightly. They’re watching “Now, Voyager.” Which was the dream?

She looks at the screen and smiles.


Note: Bette Davis is a brilliant actress and I highly recommend her “All About Eve.” It’s epic!

#RelationshipGoals — V-Day

Everyone got flowers. Everyone got chocolates. Everyone got a card. But what did the most favoritest villainess of the year, no make that, century get? Nothing. Absolutely nothing from the one person who claims he likes her. Likes her. She’s fuming, stomping everywhere she goes. Hissing and spitting like that demon cat Alexis adopted. Her eyes narrow at all the overly cutsey couples. Damnit! She wanted to be that overly cutesy couple! If she could, she’d throw vemonous vomit on them.

She narrows her eyes. At least her blasted father remembered. But he was on his sweetheart date with someone he wouldn’t introduce to her yet. Wouldn’t. Introduce. To. HER. This was turning out to be a fantastic V-Day. The only thing that would make it better was if– she held her hand out. No, no, don’t go there, Vivi. Her eyes landed on the florist and had a mind to just snatch every last flower. Especially the roses.

Just as she reached her hand out, Alexis appeared before her, holding a glass container. “Beenlookingeverywhere,” his breathing heavy and she saw he had a shine of sweat on his skin. But still he held out the strange thing to her. After a moment, she realized what she was looking at.

A lego rose. She grinned brightly and held it happily between her fingers. “It’s beautiful,” she carried it close and decided Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad anymore. Her eyes flickered back to the florist.

Besides, she’s allergic to pollen.