Kendal the Unicorn #22

Kendal glared at Kens. “Do you have to keep writing misses?”

Kens blinked. “What?”

“You know most of this is crap.”

“You’re crap!” Kens replied defensively.

“Damn straight!” the unicorn snorted. “You wrote me.



Kendal the Unicorn 21

She wonders when guns became important to function as a society. Why others claim it’s their right to own it while endangering those who do not want. She recalls the second amendment was written in the 1700s when it was actually needed to survive. Now, guns have evolved, and military grade weapons are available to those not old enough to drink. She doesn’t think that the age should be raised, she doesn’t think the age should be lowered.

In fact, she believes there should no guns at all. Everywhere, all around the world. She dreams of a place that no longer has a need for guns, where people get together and no one blames anyone. She would like to wake up to a world where mothers aren’t crying over their sons’ grave or fathers sobbing upon their daughters’.

And she knows they’ll throw their freedom of gun ownership and say the criminals will arm themselves. They still do – legal or not. But how many accidental deaths, mass shootings, school shootings, children dying before the world decides the price of a gun is too high, paid too many times?

Unfortunately, as she flicks through the shows, The Punisher (she enjoys the show, she won’t lie about that) to the Walking Dead (she got bored as it tends to repeat itself after two seasons), to nearly every crime and detective show, there’s always guns, guns, and more guns. The good guys, the bad guys, the innocent, the guilty… even those in the background.

They’re everywhere, inescapable.

And as she turns off the TV and picks up a book, a fearful feeling builds in the pit of her gut.

She’ll fear the day when they arm teachers, from colleges to Pre-K. She’ll fear it very much.

Kendal the Unicorn #19

Kendal was watching Dragonball Z. The one where Future Trunks came and just destroyed Freiza. She paused it, tilting her head. “So… does he dye it or is that all just natural? Because I’m pretty sure Blue and Black do not make purple.”

The theory began: Bulma had an affair with a red head. The only one she could remember was Android 16. Dun dun dun… dun.

Awkward Update

Yup, ’cause it’s awkward and probably gonna be a bit long. I have a lot to say, but way too lazy to write it all out.

  1. KENDAL HAS TWITTER! Yes, yes, it’s all true. Kendal the Unicorn has recently gotten a twitter feed — that no one asked for! I figured with all the spam I’ve been getting… well, you know. It’s spam. Luckily not that horrid meat in a can, because that’s just. Well. You know.
  2. I know I’ve been posting misses with #RelationshipGoals but I’m currently working out how I want to proceed with this. I might also post character snippets which should be available soon on the menu. This also goes for “Kendal the Unicorn.”
  3. Bette Davis is awesome times infinity.
  4. If you ever want to complain about what I write (or vent or whine, or anything really), feel free too. I always appreciate criticism. And yes, I know sometimes my grammar is off (not extremely, but I see the spelling mistakes too). So do call me out.
  5. It’s bloggyunicorn. The twitter thing. Now, gotta figure out how to use it.

We’ll Meet Again

In the end, it’s red we bleed.

Tears we cry, and songs left unsung.

We weep not for the lives saved, but those lost.

We reach our hands up into the air,

as if to catch the fleeting moments left undone,

the words yet to be uttered,

and jokes yet to be shared.

We recall the last words,

words we would like to change.

Instead of ‘good-bye’, ‘stay.’

“Come back, don’t go!”

“No!” You’ll only meet your end.

The page is not yet finished,

the story still mostly blank.

And yet, there you fade,

letting of my hand.

Walking further and further behind.

And all we can see is the stone with your name.

So we weep our tears and cry our words.

We walk further and further into the places you once were.

Because we will meet again, whether in this life or another.

#RelationshipGoals – What’s in a Name?

Your… father’s name is Igor?” Roxanne blinks as she looks at Vivian, then smiles at the older man who’s busy in the kitchen. He appears to be enjoying himself, his girlfriend cooking along side him. Her eyes study Vivi who looks slightly suspicious and yet, possessive. Roxs chuckles and shakes her head, taking the young woman by the wrist, leading her to the couch. “It’s cute. Like your dad. If I wasn’t with –” she laughs at the look of horror forming on her villainous friend’s face. They plop onto the soft couches.

The Hero sits beside Roxanne, wrapping his arm around her shoulders as the women make room for him. “You two been friends a long– huh.” Her eyes flicker to her boyfriend. “How did you and Vi become… friends?”

Vivian smirked superiorly. “Why yes, ‘Hero’ how did we become friends?”

The Hero grumbles and looks away, embarrassment on his face. “I’d rather not.”

Roxanne raises an eyebrow at him. “You know she’ll tell me anyway.”