Kendal the Unicorn #5

Once, someone told Kendal, “Your eyes are boring.”

So Kendal replied, “You’re not seeing what I’m seeing.” And walked away.


Kendal the Unicorn #4

Once, Kendal was offered pate. It was meat, and it did look good. However, the unicorn had learned that said pate could contain rabbit or goose. The unicorn could never eat rabbit, but goose was a different matter all together.

“What kind is it?”

“Why don’t you just try?”

Kendal picked it up.

“Sweetie, don’t eat it. It’s horse.”

The lesson learned? Don’t ever eat anything unless you know what it is and what’s inside.


Kendal the Unicorn #2

Kendal enjoys writing. Kendal likes to write. Kendal wrote as a young unicorn. Papers, stories, poems — dabbled in each. However, Kendal cannot draw a stick figure. Math is a giantic beast. Science is ever mutating (as Science and Kendal do not meld and refuses to believe that unicorns cannot fly on just mere pocky alone). Still, Kendal can’t draw a stick figure.

Kendal wonders, a stick figure has a line for a head, yes?

#RelationshipGoals – Xiao Ping Guo

He has his quirks. One of them is this overly listened to song. He can’t help but jam to it. And while he’ll never admit, Alexis knows the entire dance. In fact, he’s done it in the privacy of his own bathroom. He knows the words although he knows much of his tones are wrong. Still, he enjoys dancing to it.

Unfortunately, Vivi knows it too. And if she knew he knew the dance… he’d never get a moments peace.

Perhaps that’s why he’s renamed it “Bach – Concerto”. Vivi can’t stand classical music.

Edit: here’s the link:

#RelationshipGoals — Lemony

See! I told you. Jack Lemon looks amazing in drag!” she waves her pointed finger at the screen, her foot perched superiorly upon their low coffee table. “And even he can get a rich dude!”

Alexis shrugs. He’s used to her outbursts. “If you say so,” he decides not to get her even more riled up. He only reaches out for a chip.

Her eyes squint but she plop back down the on couch. “If you say so,” she mimics under her breath. “I’ll remember this the next time we watch Penny Dreadful.”

“One of them wears a dress?”

“… no…”

“You want it to be Ethan, don’t you?”